Estates, Trusts and Gifts

Many retirees call Florida home. At Lanese + Associates, our existing client base includes a significant number of retired business owners, employees, professionals and some clients contemplating retirement. Hence, Estates, Trusts and Gifts are popular topics for discussion as they related to Accounting Services for reducing Estate Taxes.

Estates, Trusts and Gifts are important topics to discuss with a CPA because without the proper attention and planning the results can be very large tax liabilities that can be legally avoided with right Accounting Services. Lanese + Associate has extensive experience assisting retirees and those considering retirement. We help clients understand the need for a trust and/or to comply with the IRS tax filing requirements for Estates, Trusts and Gifts.

Our CPA firm works closely with many Estate and Trust Attorneys in our area and collaborate with them to provide the best possible service to handle Estates, Trusts and Gifts to benefit our clients. We don’t pass you off to to someone else, we stay with you and use our knowledge of you, your financials and our expertise of Accounting Services to advise you of the best course of action to achieve your goals and retian more money by reducing the tax liabilities.

Estates, Trusts and Gifts are a confusing topics for most people not trained in these areas. We specialize in these disciplines with a great deal of experience and expertise that covers all the financial aspects and tax implications. We take pride in our ability to explain these complex topics in everyday language. As a result, our clients have a better understanding of the importance of Estates, Trust and Gifts and the financial impact to their particular situation. Our consultation allows the client to receive the best financial benefits for their circumstances.

Frequently family members are compelled to get involved with the Estate, Trust or Gifts only after a loved one has passed away. This is a very emotional time for the family. It’s overwhelming to figure out the next actions to take regarding the decrease individual’s estate. We are always ready to help during these trying times. We use our broad experience to assist the surviving spouse, siblings or children to cope with the complexities of the Estate and Trust. As previously stated Lanese + Associates works closely with Estate and Trust Attorneys, during this time to help get things done and get through this trying time with our responsive service. You don’t need to wait for a call back from an accountant that doesn’t understand you or is not well versed with Estaes, Trusts or Gifts at a time like this.

Lanese + Associates Provides Expert Consultation for Estates, Trusts and Gifts and Performs All the Accounting Services Required and the Necessary Tax Planning and Tax Preparation Services to Keep More Money. 

At Lanese & Associates we strive to: 

  • Help you better understand the relationship and differences between an Estates and Trusts as financial instruments and their importance to your situation. If you don’t have attorney, we provide you with a recommended list of reputable Estate/Tax Attorneys to choose from, if you have the need for a Will or Trust to be prepared.
  • Explore your specific situation as relates to Estate and Gift taxes. After our analysis, we develop the plan of action to minimize or eliminate these taxes.
  • Prepare the Estate, Trust and Gift tax returns. Preparation of these tax returns are typically coordinated with preparation of individual income tax returns.
  • Discuss with the surviving spouse and/or other family members to implement the recently decrease individual’s Estate and/or Trust.
  • Develop the Estate Planning to minimize or eliminate Estate Tax, design how to best pass the estate assets onto the eventual heirs and how to reduce or remove Estate Expenses (including probates).

We have over 25 years of experience helping clients with Estates, Trusts and Gifts.

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