Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Lanese + Associates provides Accounting Services that can be customized to your specific business needs. We customize our services to fit the individual needs of our clients. We can take over all or most of your accounting function, or divide responsibilities with your existing staff to maximize effectiveness and minimize cost.  Additionally, use of our Accounting Services throughout the year can minimize the stress normally associated with the annual gathering of tax documentation and preparation of tax returns.

Our Accounting Services Are Summarized in the Following Categories:

Financial Statement Presentation

  • We prepare “Compiled” and “Reviewed Financial Statements” dependent on our clients' needs.
  • If an audit is needed, we assist in the preparation of workpapers and coordinate with an Auditor if you require this higher level of assurance
  • We have experience working with bonding companies, banks, insurance companies, potential investors and licensing agencies to determine the type of financial statement necessary to satisfy existing requirements.

Accounting Assistance

  • Lanese + Associates helps clients maintain accurate accounting records, regardless of the accounting software package they use. We support and have experience with most of the popular software packages on the market to make the accounting function efficient and effective.
  • We customize our Accounting Services to your particular requirements and provide you with only what you need.

QuickBooks Advisory Services

  • Lanese + Associates has a specialized team devoted to QuickBooks to assist you:
    • We are experienced QuickBooks ProAdvisors.
    • Our team has the practical hands-on skills to solve real QuickBooks problems.
    • We can assist with Planning, Installation and Training.
  • We offer a comprehensive set of QuickBooks Accounting Solutions:
  • Clients can choose from various service levels to meet their specific needs.
  • Our QuickBooks service levels range from 100% takeover, where we perform all your accounting functions for you to various degrees of assistance to complete training and advisory services for your staff to effectively use QuickBooks.
  • Diversicom corporation (Lanese & Associates' IT Partner) offers an all-access cloud version of Quickbooks that is available to our clients and staff. This service comes at an additional fee, but can be a valuable resource for some businesses. To determine if this service is right for your company, speak to your Lanese & Associates representative. 

Payroll Administration

  • Similar to Lanese + Associates’ Accounting and Bookkeeping services, our Payroll Services will vary depending on the needs of our clients.
  • Some of our clients still do payroll the old fashion way using a manual process of writing payroll checks for each pay period. These clients are comfortable with their process and have been doing it for years. Our goal is to ensure our clients meet all necessary payroll tax return filing requirements and make timely payroll tax payments. 
  • For other clients, we offer 100% computerized payroll services with paperless output and improved productivity and speed. This includes electronic transfer of net paychecks from the business account to the employee account and also the electrical transfer of federal and state payroll tax liabilities and other payroll fees. This service can seamlessly integrate with our accounting and tax preparation processes.
  • We also can consult with you on a variety of payroll related topics specific to your needs such as;
    • Payroll tax withholding requirements
    • Garnishments
    • Section 125 Plans
    • Retirement Plans
    • Employee documentation

In all cases, use of our services means less paperwork for your business, timely and accurate reports, cash flow and expense tracking, full audit trail and prompt tax preparation.

Call today to see how Lanese + Associates will benefit your business.

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