Cost Segregation Study

A Cost Segregation Study (CSS) is a powerful tax-planning strategy for clients who invest in real estate. Lanese & Associates has staff qualified to prepare CSS studies and analyze the cost-benefit to the client to advise the feasibility of the study. 

After the Cost segregation studies we have performed, each of our clients received on average, $82,878. 

The facts are:
  • Our Cost Segregation Study enabled clients to receive approximately $13 in tax savings for every $1 spent for our CSS service.

             *Rick Lanese briefly explains Cost Segregation Study

What is a Cost Segregation Study, (CSS)?

  • Commercial real property is depreciated over a period of 39 years. Hence, your deduction is one thirty ninth, (1/39) of the total depreciation per year. A Cost Segregation Study categorizes property into proper asset classifications that can be depreciated over a much shorter period (5, 7, or 15 years for example). The result is an increased depreciation deduction thus lowering (or in some cases eliminating) taxable income.
Will Our Cost Segregation Study Benefit You?
  • Not everyone will profit from a Cost Segregation Study, (CSS). It depends on many factors, such as the amount of property qualifying for accelerated depreciation and the assets’ age. Our preliminary assessment can determine your potential to get a large return from our CSS service. We make your CSS decision easy and eliminate your risk.

    *Rick Lanese explains Cash Back- Cost Segregation Study

Why Should Lanese + Associates Conduct Your Cost Segregation Study?
  • Lanese + Associates has a proven-track-record of CSS success. Our CSS Client Register has shown an average return approximately $83K. All of our clients have made money due to our expertise and experience to find those assets that qualify for accelerated depreciation.
Our CSS service is one of our proactive solutions that has received raving reviews by our clients. Our CSS services includes the complete study and the follow-up accounting and tax work.
Is a Significantly Larger Refund Waiting for You Due to our CCS?
  • Click on “Contact Us to Discuss Your CSS” to fill out our on-line form to set-up a confidential meeting to discuss your free assessment to determine if our CSS is advantageous to you.

   * Rick Lanese Q&A

Our free assessment can determine if a CSS will benefit you.  We will be glad to answer all your questions regarding our CSS service. Call us Sun City Center: (813) 634-9296 or Sarasota: (941) 953-4585.

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